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Olive Oil

Chili Oil



Project Manager - Rick Schultheis

Rick is in an experienced Professional with extensive experience in Project Management


Local Merchant Services

Contact Us At : will be used as a Payment Gateway

PhonmPenh.Trade will be integrating as a Payment Gateway. will takes the form of a mobile payments app, which lets people send money peer to peer to Bakong-connected phone numbers and make payments by scanning QR codes. Using Bakong will require a bank account, and Bakong payments can be made from the user’s bank account. Bakong.Money will be developed as an app with the following features

  • Integration into PhonmPenh.Trade as the Payment Gateway
  • Make payments to anyone, anywhere
  • Provision Of effortless transactions
  • Provision of e-wallets, mobile payments, online banking, and financial applications, all in one place
  • Bakong.Money will let you Send/Receive Money From Any App
  • Bakong.Money will let you Request Money by Creating your own personalized QR code for friends to send you money without sharing any personal information. You would Simply scan and confirm!
  • Track your Transactions.
  • Banking with the Bakong.Money Preferred bank for cash-in and cash-out.